Chloe is one half millennial and one part "Tita of Manila". She's a radio nut - started dabbling and training in a commercial radio station in her college junior year, took a step back to join the corporate world, and came back to her first love in 2006 and just kept going. Before Wave, she was the chief announcer and mentored many young, and aspiring up-and-coming radio DJs as a way to give back by helping shape the broadcasters of the future. Outside of radio, Chloe is a lady boss who likes to work hard, learn everyday, and meet interesting people. She is also hosts, does voice acting, and pretends to win an award in her spare time. For her, travelling is always an excuse to do another adventure. Whether its to run trails, climb mountains, dive with sharks, walk on rope bridges, there's something out there she's willing to try, and write about. If she had all the money in the world, she wants to scuba dive til she's 70 and save the oceans.