KC's Former MTV VJ, KC Montero is the middle child of three brothers from Seattle, Washington. While having a very well rounded childhood, KC did well academically and athletically. During a college break, KC decided to spend time in the Philippines to visit his older brother as he was trying to establish his own career in the entertainment industry. While visiting, the industry's insiders took heed to what KC had to offer and it's almost safe to say that rest is history. But... not really. It doesn't stop there for KC. From print ads, to TV commercials, KC's own career started to take off. He began hosting star studded events, joined the cast for Survivor Philippines, and even landed notable movie roles in movies. KC's DJ career started with U92 in 2011 and currently headlines the prime time show called The Wild Side. Fast forward to today, KC is in his mid 30's and is wiser and more inspired than ever to make an impact on business ventures he has taken. Learning not to put all his eggs in one basket, KC now has several investments in several brands in the clothing and fashion industry. As impressive as KC's achievements and business ventures are, what's more impressive is that he's still learning and getting better!!