Dash Calzado has been working as a radio jock for almost 13 years. He's been in the Rap Game for 22 years, Club Emcee for 15 years and 1/2 of the 90's Pinoy Rap Group Legit Misfitz. Dash Calzado play a lot of Hip hop, Old school preferably, funk soul and R&B. His DJ style on air is just random, witty, funny, hyper to laid back at time and lively,informative at times too. Another thing about Dash, is that he produced guested collaborated on numerous tracks for such as artists in the Pinoy Hip hop scene. Also, from Q-York Pikaso,Dcoy Nathan J to even Pop star,Karylle. Lastly, he came out with 2 solo albums and working on a new one.