Naya was born in Manila and at the age of 3 moved to New York with her parents. Growing up in the borough of Queens, while attending Catholic school, this is where Naya developed her streetwise style and love for the urban culture. Naya spent her teenage years consumed by the urban lifestyle influenced by the MTV craze and listening to some of hip hop’s pioneer DJ’s like DJ Red Alert, Funk Master Flex & the Voice of NY, Angie Martinez. NYC is where hip hop began and this is where she embraced the love for the rap and R&B genre. From its fashion to its culture, it defined her way of life. Soon after Naya graduated with a BA in Marketing, she found herself still identifying with the urban community. While holding down a 9-5 in the corporate world, she found success coordinating nightlife events for some of the industry’s well known. Currently residing in BGC, Manila, Naya is looking to bring the same impact in marketing and radio from NY to Southeast Asia.