WAVE 7 TO 7!

Wave 89.1 officially launched two new shows on primetime radio
today September 1, 2017. Internally called “code name 7to7”, features
The Morning Takeover at 7am and Homebound at 7pm from
Monday to Friday.

The Morning Takeover makes few changes in the show structure
with the introduction of the newest member DannieBoi from Mixtape.
He will be joined by former Wildside originals, Chiqui and DJ
Skratchmark. Expect the latter to do more than just mixing; as he
promised to do some field segments. This will be a challenge for
Chiqui as she gives you her appetizing segments and take care of
our honorary Takeover member Anton at the same time.

Vanessa and Derek will join you HOMEBOUND from 7pm to 10pm,
as you journey the streets of Metro Manila. A total overhaul from the
Morning Tide hosts, nothing will be the same. Both Vanessa and Derek
admit that they really want to show the other side of their personalities
and much more. Both shows will give you a blast, so tune in everyday
to Wave 89.1
09 : 22  PM
Monday 25 June 2018

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