What is Headstart?

Headstart is the newest program of Wave 89.1. It is a perfect mix
of music and news to kickstart your day. If you’re the type of person
to wake up extra early in order to beat the traffic,
let Stanly and Sarah serve you the current issues locally
and around the globe like sweet pancake and hot coffee in the morning.

Brief introduction of our new DJs

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Communication
in UP Diliman, Stanly Sy may look like your average Chinese guy
but he is every bit as Pinoy as the next guy. He was born and raised
in Manila. He went to a Chinese school for 13 years growing up,
which allows him to know enough Chinese to keep speaking it
when he’s drunk. Do not make him speak in Chinese when he is drunk.
He’s also an elective in radio instructor at Xavier school, his alma mater.
He did several radio projects in other radio station for 5 years
which confirms that radio was his first love career-wise

Sarah Muyco is an experienced, dynamic and energetic Emcee,
who is focused on making your event smooth, fun and memorable.
She is a mother of a 16-year old daughter. She has been trained
by different Radio Jocks for hosting and live remote broadcasts
in 1998. She eventually went into freelance events hosting
in various hotels, private occasions, Celebrity Mall Tours,
Product Launching presenter on numerous corporate events,
as well as hosting live events including roadshows.
She has several on-going projects such as recording
for her Spanish Telenovela Dubbing Project,
radio voice-over and pluggings

You can expect Stanly and Sarah to slowly show you
more of their personalities as they get the hang of the show
and put more of themselves into it. You'll see a lot of what Sarah
brings to the table as a woman and as a mom, which should
make her relevant to the ladies. On the other hand,
Stanly is a huge fan of basketball, pro wrestling, and Survivor.

You can catch them Monday to Friday at 4am to 7am only at Wave 89.1. Keep it Real!
01 : 47  AM
Wednesday 26 September 2018

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