Battle rap or “Fliptop” is making a comeback lately. Emcees, old and new, are also making a splash at the scene. Have you got your bets up on who’s gonna come on top? Or have you not decided yet? If that’s the case, the worry no more because Wave’s got you covered!

1. Crunchy lines. What is battle rap without smokin’ fast lines rhyming every time? It’s the core of rap to think of creative lines.
2. Cheesy jokes. It might seem out of pace, but hear me out. The joker type (an emcee specializing on jokes) rose to fame thanks to the likes of Zaito, Sinio, Tipsy D, and many others. These jokes, when paired with rebuts, make for a formidable combo!
3. Spicy bars. Ah, yes. This is the most prominent style in battle rap. The best rappers are defined by the bars they make. And depending on the impact on the audience, that’s how the rapper will be known.

Crunchy lines, cheesy jokes, and spicy bars. These are the ingredients needed for the best rapper. Come to think of it, these are also the ingredients for something else. Something fresh and on demand. KFC’s new Chili Cheese Chicken! From the crunchy sound of that first bite, melted cheese coating, and spicy kick when it touches your tongue, the KFC Chili Cheese Chicken’s got ‘em all! No better way to enjoy the latest Fliptop battles than with the new KFC Chili Cheese Chicken! Call 887-8888 or visit www.kfc.com.ph to order!
04 : 44  PM
Monday 20 August 2018

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