Eminem recently made a radiant comeback with his ninth studio album "Revival" last December 15, 2017 with a minimal promotion and and maximum impact.

Here are the fun facts you might not know with the ever-resilient king of hip-hop.

1. The first rap song he heard was Ice-T's "Reckless," at the age of nine.
The Breakin’ soundtrack was introduced to him by his Uncle Ronnie, who was actually 2 months older than him. Eminem considered Ronnie Polkinghorn as the only family member whom he had, that he was close with. Eminem was devastated when ten years later, Ronnie committed suicide. He couldn’t even go to the funeral, he said.

2. He doesn’t consider himself as a commercial rapper.

During his interview with Spin in 2000, he mentioned that his whole market was through the underground scene. He wasn’t so surpirsed when his single “My Name Is” was played on both Modern Rock and Urban radio because like Wu-Tang, they emerged from underground scene through word of mouth.

3. The Marshall Mathers LP was originally titled "Amsterdam" because he wrote a good chunk of the album there, and Dutch journalists inspired some of the content on the album.

4. He once claimed to have pulled a gun on fans who showed up to his home unannounced.

The transition due to drastic commercial success was troublesome for Eminem as his fans kept on lurking around him and his family. The vigilant Eminem was so fed up with the fame and all that he snapped and pulled a gun into his fans’ face when it got to the point they sneaked around his house.

5. The director of Training Day was initially interested in casting Eminem for the role that eventually went to Ethan Hawke.

Among the actors being considered for the role of Washington's cop-in-training sidekick are Spider-Man-elect Tobey Maguire, and Ryan Phillippe.

6. He wrote the hook for "Just Lose It" in 30 seconds. It was the last song recorded for Encore because the album needed a single.

7. One time a crackhead broke into his and Kim's house, made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and didn't steal anything. first. In the spring of 1997 when Eminem recorded Slim Shady EP, Eminem was scrounging more than ever that they had to settle with crack-infested neighborhoods. A stray bullet flying through the kitchen window wasn’t the worst of it – they have been actually adopted by a crackhead. Their landlord/lady left the sandwich and didn’t steal anything, but came back again and took everything but the couches and beds.

8. He wrote "Lose Yourself" in one take while on the set of 8 Mile.

The 8 Mile soundtrack “Lose Yourself” won the Academy Award for the Best Original Song in 2003 which made it the first ever rap song to receive this accolade was written during the breaking for shooting of the film, recording all three verses in one take.

9. He cracked multiple ribs after a 10-foot fall from the stage on his first tour.

Things were so hectic back in 1999, Eminem needed to drive back and forth to do 2 shows a day in one stretch. During his show in New England, he raced onto a stage that was soaked with either beer or water, and he fell about 10 feet from the stage to the club floor, cracking some ribs.

"It was insane," he said of the period. "I wouldn't have time to talk to my own daughter when she would call. I knew I had to slow it down; the fall was like a reminder."

10. "My Name Is" was pulled from NFL promo spots in 1999 when the league found out about his explicit lyrical content.

The said song was used by NFL until they discovered that Eminem’s music carries – proudly – a parental advisory sticker for its prodigious amount of obscenities, which the rapper defends as “just vulgar humor.” Eminem wasn’t even aware that NFL used it and he was shocked when he found out.

After hearing that the league was taking them off the air, he says, "It just makes me laugh, you know what I'm saying? I was laughing on the phone with my manager, like good, f--k 'em. It doesn't make any difference to me at all. I don't walk around and try to portray this gangster image, but the media has made me out to be that way, like I think I'm some kind of f--kin' white thug."

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Sunday 16 December 2018

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