1. Sean Patrick Ramos, a 17 year-old rapper, born April 15, 2001 and popularly known as Shanti Dope.

2. The name Shanti Dope meanwhile is borne of the influence of his father, who was a practitioner of Krishna Consciousness. Shanti is the sanskrit word for “peace,” which, alongside “dope” could mean “Peace is my natural drug.” This call for peace, given songs that actually speak of injustice and inequality, that insists on discussing the state of the nation, is what sets him apart from many rappers his age.

3.He started writing verses in 2013 following the footsteps of local rappers who use songwriting as a way to tell stories.

4.His first long verse got him into rapper Smugglaz 2015 album Walking Distance. Listen to the song below:

5. Along with Smugglaz, he counts as influences Loonie, Ron Henley, and Gloc-9 whose wordplay, context, rhymes, and narratives he aspires for in his own work.

6. He's being mentored by one of his greatest influences Gloc-9! According to the breakout rapper, he's been listening to the records of his "Master Gloc" since he was child!

7. He released a new EP called Materyal and its lead single called “Nadarang” went straight to the top spot of a major music streaming service's viral chart. The song reaches 21 million views (and counting) on Youtube!

8. His new song 'ShantiDope' featuring Gloc-9, has obvious approval of a passing of the torch, from one great rapper to the next big name in the industry.

Gloc 9:
Andami dami daming maiingay dun sa amin
O kay tagal ko na nag-iikot para hanapin
Kung sinong sumusulat at humihingang malalim
At 'di hilaw ang kanin kapag siya ang nagsasaing

Dapat karapat-dapat sya pag-iiwanan mo
Dapat karapat-dapat sya pag-iiwanan mo

9. Gloc-9 is admittedly a big fan of the teen.

10. His most favorite Gloc-9 albums includes Matrikula, Mga Kwento ng Makata, Sukli and Rotonda.
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Monday 20 August 2018

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