Wanna party with Cardi? Come April, fans will finally be able to when the platinum rapper drops her highly-anticipated debut album. Bardi made the big announcement while accepting the Best New Artist award at Sunday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles. “My album will be coming in April, okurr!” she told the crowd. “Yes, sir, April. Stay tuned, motherfu**ers.” 3 things.1. @iamcardib is the best.2. she revealed her albums coming out in April3. she just won #BestNewArtist#iHeartAwards2018— iHeartRadio (@iHeartRadio) March 12, 2018 So far, the as-yet-untitled album has spawned the No. 1 smash “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” and “Bartier Cardi,” for which a video is set to premiere tomorrow during the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” reunion special. Cardi’s debut was originally due last fall, but was pushed back. “I can’t talk about certain things that I went through because I’ll go to jail,” she told Beats 1. “I don’t want people to think that I’m crazy. A lot of people question, what else can she do? I’m gonna show you.” In addition to winning Best New Artist, Cardi opened the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards with a medley of her biggest hits, plus an appearance from G-Eazy. SOURCE via


DJ Khaled and Demi Lovato are true believers in the magical video for their A Wrinkle in Time collaboration, “I Believe.” Khaled and Demi in magical and stunning scenes, straight out of Ava DuVernay’s epic fantasy. Their music video shows both of Khaled and Demi’s performance and a jaw-dropping visuals from the movie, which stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Storm Reid. “Some people stand, some people move / Tough times don’t last, but tough people do,” sings Lovato, while Khaled adds, “When times got hard, I went harder / Best thing I ever did was believe in me / I believe.” The song came during Demi and Khaled’s “Tell Me You Love Me Tour” with Kehlani, which will end on March 31 in Tampa, before Lovato takes off on a global run. The “I Believe” track follows Sade’s “Flower of the Universe” single from the soundtrack, which also includes artists like Kehlani, Sia, Freestyle Fellowship, and Chloe x Halle in their song called “Warrior.” A Wrinkle In Time and it’s soundtrack are both due at midnight. SOURCE via


mariah carey with roc nation on her new album mariah is ready for this era. Signing with roc nation, the iconic singer has started working on a new album with jay-z. Mimi on her cover story for v magazine, talked about a “meeting of the minds” while making a non-christmas album with hov and his r-o-c team. “i’m in the studio starting a new album of regular music…meaning it’s not a christmas album,” she said. “i’m kind of restarting, and i’m working with roc nation now, so that’s great.” “i had a really incredible meeting—just a musical, good meeting of the minds—with jay brown, jay-z, and ty [tyran smith], who’s an incredible person,” she added. “we all just kind of threw some ideas around, so we’re starting from the musical place rather than, like, what’s the hook it’s gotta be done that way.” This is not new for m.c., who’s worked with jigga on songs like “heartbreaker,” “you got me,” and “things that u do.” carey said “we just have a history as friends and as collaborators, so it’s kind of a thing that’s already been established,” she added. “now, i’ve been getting to know jay brown a lot better: I’ve always known who he was and really respected and admired him so much. Ultimate icon #MariahCarey is truly happy, back in the studio, and in full bloom on the cover of #V112, on newsstands tomorrow. Head to to read the entire story. #linkinbio A post shared by V Magazine (@vmagazine) on Mar 7, 2018 at 5:00am PST The way he does business is just awe-inspiring, you know what i mean? like, they’ve really done an incredible job together, he and jay. and they’re both named jay [laughs]. so we’ve been going back and forth with different writers, different ideas. When i say writers, i mean cowriters, because i am a writer.” This will be mariah’s first album after her me. i am mariah…the exlusive chanteuse in 2014. Last year, she released the single “i don’t” featuring yg, a jermaine dupri-produced that appeared on a remix of french montana’s “unforgettable.”. March 8, 2018 by John Konrad Viesca Santos SOURCE via


By: Punch Liwanag Updated March 3, 2018, 11:44 AM AUDIO JUNKIE: We’re guessing that by now you have seen the latest installment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the “Black Panther” film. It follows the story of prince T’Challa, newly crowned king, protector of Wakanda, and an Avenger superhero. Cut to the gist of it, and there’s a great story with interesting re-imagining of Africa to boot. The cradle of civilization as a techno-advanced, world super power is a wondrous thought, almost utopian in some aspects. But without spilling too much for those who have yet to see it, we redirect your attention to the “Black Panther The Album” OST. Off the cuff, we say it’s a sleek, modern album full of goodies inside. Distilled to basics, it’s because of this guy, Kendrick Lamar. Arguably the coolest name in Hiphop today, Lamar has raised the genre to another level. Sure, it’s a collaborative OST release but it might as well be his own album. At least that’s how it looks from the outside going by the level of dedication he imbued on the project. It was Lamar, Anthony Tiffith and director Ryan Coogler who worked out how the album should go. The result is a modern sounding collection of who’s who among the new guards of Hiphop. From the tribal-modern-moody mash up of the opening title track by Lamar, to his made-for-Top 40 “All The Stars” featuring SZA, rhe Grammy-winning artist weaves catchy tunes. More of these can be heard in the synth flute hooks of “Big Shot” featuring Travis Scott; and peaking at the reverberating bass and deep grooves of “Pray For Me” by The Weeknd featuring Kendrick Lamar. It’s not just him on a roll 2 Chain & Saudi gets deep with tales of African Achilles’ on “X” and a personal favorite, “The Ways” by Khalid with Swae Lee. Khalid cribs the popular George Harrison line “something in the way she moves” and uses it to great effect. Khalid’s line ‘Power Girl I really wanna know your ways” might not have the same effect here, but on the song, it is a different matter. Swae Lee’s hook choruses likewise sound cosmic. Other highlights are the moody “I Am” by Jorja Smith, the legit african-jazz mash on “Seasons” by Zacari with Sjava and Reason, “King’s Dead” by Jay Rock with Future, James Blake and Lamar, and “Opps” by Vince Staples featuring Yugen Blakrok. “Black Panther, The Album” is cool not because it came from a superhero flick. It’s great because like the movie, like imaginary Wakanda,and like real life Africa, it’s black and beautiful. Listen to the Black Panther soundtrack here: SOURCE via


A judged has officially ordered lil wayne to get a dna paternity test after keiotia watson, few years ago, alleged that wayne is the father of her now 16-year-old son dwayne brown. according to tmz. Watson attempted to prove in 2015 that wayne was the father and also arranged child support, weezy was ordered to pay $5,000 a month to watson, but claims he was never served legal papers. he also claims that he never slept with watson. The previous judgment has been dismissed. instead, a new trial has been ordered. SOURCE via March 7, 2018 by John Konrad Viesca Santos


1. Cardi B isn't her real name Cardi B’s real name is Belcalis Almanzar. In one of her interviews, she said that her old Instagram was kept on being deleted because of her nickname “Bacardi”, that’s why she changed it to “Cardi B”. 2. Cardi b is the first female rapper to hit no. 1 on billboard’s hot 100 chart in almost 20 years. Cardi b is the second female hip hop artist to top the billboard 100 after Lauryn Hill in 1998. 3. Cardi B is a native New Yorker Belcalis Almanza is born and raised in the Bronx. The 25-year-old’s mother is Trinidadian and her father is Dominican. 4. Cardi B was a stripper before the hiphop scene Stripping became a way for the young Becalis escape poverty, an abusive relationship, and pay to go to school. Cardi said “I would never be ashamed of it. I made a lot of money, i had a good time and it showed me a lot.” 5. Cardi b used to have crooked teeth Cardi was known for her crooked teeth, the rapper got porcelain veneers to shut down the internet trolls. 6. Attacked by a cheetah on set A behind-the-scenes look into Cardi B's music video for her hit single Bodak Yellow has revealed how she was nearly attacked by a cheetah on the set. She is seen holding the wild animal's leash when out of nowhere the cheetah hissed at her. The crew then decided to use a much friendlier cheetah, which is the one that more than 450 million people have seen in Bodak Yellow since its release in June 2017. 7. Cardi b is a Little Monster. In high school, Cardi paid tribute to lady gaga with her own rendition of "Bad Romance." She also credits her as one of her fashion icons. Yup, that's young Cardi B right there. 8. Cardi B's net worth According to website Celebrity Net Worth, Cardi B was worth $600,000 at the start of September 2017. However following the success of 'Bodak Yellow', that figure has reportedly risen to $4m. 9. Cardi B is not a typical romantic Instead of a dinner at a restaurant, Cardi prefers to have a date in a strip club. She told that she wants to see the dancers because she once was too and it’s a win-win situation for her because there’s also food in the club she said. 10. "The Michelle Obama of the hood" Cardi says that she tries to inspire girls from the hood by speaking in a more colloquial way, so that people will understand her. Sources:
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