Radio DJ/TV & Events Host/Voice Talent/Freelance Writer/Teacher

Stan Sy was supposed to be just like every other Chinese-Filipino boy who graduated from his exclusive, all-boys, Chinese school in San Juan: grow up and take a business course in the Jesuit university at Katipunan, enter the corporate world, and get married to a Chinese girl from the neighboring all-girls school. But Stan was never one to follow the easy path laid out before him. After graduating from Xavier School in 2008, he went on to the University of the Philippines Diliman and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Communication. Two years into his stay in college, he was already sitting under Chloe's learning tree and finding a way into the radio industry. Almost a decade has passed, and he's still in radio, enjoying the reality that he gets paid to talk and play music for a living, and hoping you pick up a useless fun fact from him along the way. Aside from his work in radio, he is the station voice of 2nd Avenue, while also writing for publications like, hosting his weekly podcast on pro wrestling, and appearing as a manager for Philippine Wrestling Revolution. If you know where to get a Time-Turner to help Stan have more time to do everything he does (and then some), you may tweet him @_stansy.

Contact details:, @_stansy on Twitter and Instagram